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Blocked drains? We're here to help!

Your local water company is responsible for maintaining drains as long as they're not actually on your property. Once those drains are within your boundary, it's up to you to keep them flowing smoothly.
What kind of drainage do you need to look after? There are two types of water dealt with by your house's drainage system: surface water - clean water like rain, melted ice and snow, which gets transported by surface water sewers to rivers or the sea ... and wastewater (often called foul water, but more commonly sewage) - from toilets, baths, showers, dishwashers and washing machines, which gets transported to treatment facilities via separate foul water sewers.


Most houses built since the 1950s have separate sewerage systems, but older properties - especially Victorian - had combined drainage systems, which meant the surface water sewers could be contaminated by foul water.

If your surface water drain is blocked, it's most likely because of debris and leaves, so it's usually a simple matter of pulling on a pair of gloves and clearing those leaves and debris away.

If your wastewater drain is blocked, you'll hear gurgling noises from plugholes and water will be taking longer to drain, you'll see toilet water levels rise alarmingly when flushing and your sense of smell will obviously let you know when something's amiss.


Here are some handy hints and tips:

  • Tip 1

    If your bath, shower or sink is slow to drain, then a lot of the time a plunger is all you need to push any blockage through the pipework and out into the drains.

  • Tip 2

    If a plunger doesn't do the trick, then there's always the option of using a plumber's auger (commonly known as a drain rod) to give that blockage more of a push.

  • Tip 3

    And then there are chemical and natural uncloggers to try, but never - ever - use more than one kind at a time, since mixing them can cause harmful fumes.

  • Tip 4

    If your toilet doesn't drain properly, the first thing to do is just ... wait. In most cases the water level will go back down to where it's supposed to be in its own good time, and once it's there, that's the time to pour a bucket of hot water into the bowl from as high up as you can manage.  The heat of the water and the plunging action has a good chance of dislodging any blockage - even if you do have to repeat the process more than once.

    However, it's better to keep your drains free-flowing in the first place, and the best way to do that is to prevent any kind of blockage by remembering the "3 Ps". That stands for the only things that should get flushed down the toilet: pee, poo and paper.  Anything else should get binned - and that includes wet wipes, even though it says "flushable" on the packet.

  • Tip 5

    And as for plugholes in the bathroom, hair can be a problem, but the biggest kitchen sink blockers are, of course, fats, oils and grease. We've all heard of fatbergs in city sewers, and that's something we want to avoid in our domestic drainage systems -but how to prevent them? One way would be to keep a special dish in the freezer for leftover fats, oils and grease, so when it's time to put the bins out you just empty the frozen contents of that dish into the bin, and... job done.

    Often a drain blockage is easy to shift by yourself, but there may be times when you have tried these methods and you to call in the experts and fast, and that's the time to get in touch with us - any time, day or night.

We Can Deal With All Types Of Blocked Or Damaged Drainage Systems

A blocked drain can seriously damage your home and threaten your health. From resealing a cracked drainage pipe to repairing a blocked up kitchen sink or toilet, TT Drainage & Plumbing Services can provide you with comprehensive drainage services. By utilising state of the art CCTV systems, we can find any blockage in drains of any size and remove it quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course we will – we’re classed as an essential service, especially these days when all sorts of things that shouldn’t be flushed down the loo are clogging drains everywhere.

We’d be wearing full protective gear in order to prevent any kind of contamination to your home, so there’s no need for you to have any worries on that score.

Anything and everything - from fixing a leaking tap to installing a whole new central heating system, Blockages, : CCTV drainage inspection, power flushing, boiler installation, sani flo, fitting bathrooms and wetrooms, cleaning out your gutters ... and even removing tree roots!

Of course! All our plumbing work comes with a 12-month guarantee.

Please do - we're here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, because emergencies can happen any time, day or night.

Whether you're buying or selling, we can provide an accurate picture of the state of the drainage with our comprehensive CCTV drainage surveys. And if the camera shows an issue we can pinpoint exactly where the problem lies, and deal with it with minimal disruption.

Absolutely - we'll provide you with a comprehensive quote for any planned work we undertake for you, AND we'll beat the price on any like-for-like quotation. Plus, you can rest assured that any on-the-spot emergency assistance we provide won't break the bank!

We can do more than just check - if those supply pipes really are lead we can replace them for you, faster and for less than you'd think. So if you're concerned about the safety of your water supply, just give us a call.

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